Is KAPAP the same as Krav Maga?

“KAPAP and Krav Maga are generic terms used to describe hand to hand combat in Israel. Neither is one system, or founded by one organization or leader. Each teacher instructs based on his own experience and knowledge.

Neither is more “legitimate” or “the real deal” than others. Just like Karate schools, each teacher has their own ideas and how they want to run their organization.

The KAPAP I teach is based on my knowledge and experience. The federation/organization I am a part of is under Lt. Colonel Chiam Pe’er of Israel.

My school’s World Wide Mat exists entirely under my supervision and my name. This is why it is called Avi Nardia KAPAP Combatives and I use my own Logo KAPAP Combatives.

Today the KAPAP I teach is an International system based on my travel around the world and experience living in the United States for over 10 years. My students and friends hail from every race and religion without any political bias or prejudice.

I don’t represent Israel any more than I represent the USA. I am a private civilian who teaches based on my life experience in training, combat, fitness and health. I have the honor of enjoying the friendship of students from all over the world – from Japan, China, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Europe, USA, Israel, Australia and Lebanon. Most important, my students train as a family of kapap practitioners with no conflicts over politics or race”.