iFit Modular Training Systems by Sonie Lasker

iFit was developed by Sonie Lasker while she was experimenting with more efficient ways to train her clients in a systematized and modular pattern that would allow for diverse micro cycles and personal growth within the training style.

Ms. Lasker combined applied physics, intrinsic geometry and bio mechanics with Traditional Martial Art principles to create muscular overload without compromising the integrity of the skeletal system. She called this iFit Modular Fitness Training Systems .

Think about how we moved when we were children. We ran, jumped, skipped and played. There was no mass loading of the spine. Using iFit, the thought pattern is to bring us back to the childhood way of motion through modern mechanics and an intense understanding of human anatomy.

Every exercise is designed to use the full body while targeting very specific muscles at the same time. This multi-tasking creates a higher benefit per motion ratio for the clients energetic output.

If the client has only a half an hour a day to dedicate to the gym, that time must be completely taken advantage of in a safe and efficient manner.

Sonie Lasker offers private lessons in the iFit Standard Modular Fitness Training System as well as iFit-PRO certifications for Personal Trainers in the system to enhance the trainer’s ability to meet the needs of their clients. Please contact us for seminars and classes for your employees.