Sonie Lasker, A Brightly Shining Star.

When I think of success several things come to mind; desire, tenacity, and meticulous planning, along with discipline, patience and determination, and of course, the ability to laugh at oneself, especially while picking yourself back up after falling down, many times! As the saying goes, “Success should be a journey, not a destination.” One person, who exemplifies such winning qualities, is Floridian martial arts instructor, Sonie Lasker.

What else could one say about an average girl who dared to make a change in her life eight years ago, and did! Here’s a person who’s shining star has lit up the horizon of the fighting arts with a record that can only be described as, “inspirational.” Captain of the US Martial Arts Team, NASKA World & National Champion, Hall of Fame Inductee, featured in magazines and on TV, successful seminar instructor and motivational speaker.

Who mentors such a successful person you ask? In addition to her current studies in traditional Shuri Ryu karate, under 11-time World Champion, Master Donna Judge, Sonie also studies with Major Avi Nardia and Prof John Machado, both world-renowned instructors of the fighting arts. I suppose it comes as no surprise to learn that someone who excels at everything she does, is also passionately committed to helping empower others.

When it comes to finding the right person to help you accomplish your goals, and discover the warrior within, who better to recommend than the 2006 Personal Trainer of the Year, Sonie Lasker.

Patrick McCarthy, www.koryu-uchinadi.com

To whom it may concern,

I have known Sonie Lasker for several years. She has been my student privately and in Level 1 in the study of KAPAP and has become a family friend. She also studied karate with a friend of mine under Morio Higahona.

I have had the pleasure of teaching and sharing knowledge with Sonie in many different arts such as Karate, Judo, Brazilian Jiujutsu, shooting, some kendo and Japanese swordsmanship, knife and stick fighting.

During the times that we train together, I have also had the pleasure of studying from Sonie. We concentrate on Traditional Asian Medicine Theories and how they apply to Martial Arts as well as the use of vital points for healing. She has added the Five Element Theory and Meridian concepts to KAPAP. Another aspect I have enjoyed learning from Sonie is different types of massage and energy healing.

One of my passions is that I enjoy working with students that I can share knowledge with. It is a great pleasure to find a student that I can learn from as well.

With Sonie I feel that I have a relationship with her that is very giving. Sonie is the type of person that likes to give and not only take. She likes to share, offer support and help others.

I read her Black Belt dissertation on Vital Points and Kyoshu Jutsu. She has great knowledge about parts of the martial arts that I missed while I was more into combative martial arts and I am enjoying studying these aspects with her while teaching her the arts that she trains with me.

Major Avi Nardia, www.avinardia.com

Sonie Lasker is the reason that I come to Shapes Total Fitness for Women. I have worked with many Personal Trainers in the past and have never seen results that were measurable.

Within a month of working with Sonie I can fit into my clothes and have seen at least an inch loss in most parts of my body.

Sonie knows the inner workings of the human body on a level that I have never encountered with any other trainer and with few people in the health care profession. I am so glad to have her as my “body sculptor!”

– Danielle Berg

January 1, 2010

I have known Sonie Lasker for several years now and have watched her grow from a great Brown-Belt competitor, to an Elite Black Belt. She has progressed at a rate that is, to say the least, rare in the martial arts. Not only did she move into the world of black belts, she did so as a champion among them, outworking, out-studying, and outperforming those who had been honing their skills as black belts for years.

Sonie shows an uncanny skill for learning techniques and matches that with a work ethic that would make a Puritan proud. Driven and strong willed, she is able to take the simplest of direction and use it to make massive changes. Unhindered by ego, she is able to take extreme criticism and use it to her advantage. Mix all this with a personality that makes her at once likable and approachable, and you have a combination that can’t be beat.

When she became a member of the US Martial Arts Team, she not only became an immediate favorite to win at the World Games, she became an instant leader among the athletes. In her first year on the team, as a new black belt, she was elected to the post of Team Captain, a position in which she continues to flourish. I can think of no one better to have as part of our team and I am grateful for all her work, expertise, and competitive excellence.

She is the type of athlete that makes you proud she is wearing our country’s uniform.


Grand Master Alberto Friedmann, “Jedi”
Head Coach, US Martial Arts Team, NFP
2000, 2004, 2006 World Champion
US Director, World Martial Arts Games Committee

“US Team Captain Sonie Lasker has done more for my performance by her words than many coaches’ years of experience. Her insights echo throughout my daily training on a regular basis. I am grateful to have her on my team!”

Scott Sonnon, Master of Sport

6X USA National Team Coach and International Champion in Sambo submission fighting and Sanshou kickboxing

Conditioning Advisor to federal law enforcement and counter-terrorism agencies


Sonie lasker is a student of Major AVI NARDIA for last few years as studying traditional martial arts such as Kendo,.Iaido,.Judo.Jiujutsu,.Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Karate.

Sonie also studies the modern martial art of reality based, self-defense KAPAP combatives and teaches it in the Florida area. She teaches seminars also all over the USA .

Sonie lasker is great martial artist and karate champion. She has also started to win Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Kobudo competitions.

Sonie Lasker is also U.S. Team Captain and its an honor and pleasure to have such an instructor as her in our group. I am happy to have her as a part of the KAPAP team of instructors.

Chaim Peer, Kappa Founder.

“As a professional instructor, Sonie Lasker is highly regarded throughout the world and I highly recommend her.” 

– Patrick McCarthy Karate 8th Dan, Australia

“Tonights seminar was AWESOME! Thanks WJ and Sonie!”

– Jeroen Bijl

“I did fitness and actually liked it … Fusion iFit with Sonie Lasker :-)”

– Tainy Obispo

“BJJ Seminar was AWESOME! Sonie Lasker is a *fabulous* teacher and a wonderful human being. I’m looking forward to playing with the big blue balls tomorrow!”

– Nicole Gonzoles

“Sonie Lasker’s seminar was one of the best yet!!! She is awesome and funny… Maybe she should just stay :D”

Tainy Obispo

“And that was the last seminar (for this trip) witrh Sonie. We’ll miss yooooouuu!!! Come back REALLY really soon so I can make you some more pancakes! :-D”

– Nicole Gonzoles

Sonie, Thanks for everything. Great training, great late night talks. Was a pleasure meeting you and looking forward to next time. All the best!

– Bill Sullivan

Had a great weekend full of awesome seminars. Thanks Sonie and WJ!

– Bram van Bijnen

Good day Sonie, Just wanted to say thanks for the inspiration. My Mom, Mrs. Smith whom sat next to you on the flight to the Dutch Antilles spoke very highly of you. You have done very well in the arts, i am very impressed and am actually thinking about starting to train again. All the best, and good luck in the future for that gold medal.

– Anthony Smith

Sonie Lasker has been my personal trainer for over 5 years. I am a tennis player and Sonie has kept me in muscular balance. I have been winning more matches and playing better since training with her. 

She keeps me healthy and in shape. She has an amazing knowledge of anatomy and how the body works. I am so glad to have her as my trainer and friend. 

–   Caroyln Davis

Sonie Lasker has seen me through 2 knee replacements and cardiac rehab. When I first became her patient, I walked faster away from the treadmill than on it. I still remember the first time in years that danced with my husband or was able to walk down the hall of the cruise ship. Sonie is family. Thank you.

–   Mary Conlon

I am a nurse and when I came to Sonie Lasker I was nervous that I wasn’t going to keep my job because I had spinal fusion and a degenerative spinal condition. I was having trouble lifting the requisite 50 pounds to maintain my job. Sonie was referred to me by my sister after she lost 4 clothing sizes training with her. I safely gained the core strength to maintain my job and also lost a good amount of weight.

A few years later my husband and I decided to have a baby. My back made me really nervous, but with Sonie’s help I was able to have a really easy pregnancy and work up until the last minute. I even had a natural childbirth and My back was perfectly fine. The doctors were amazed.

–   Angela Stephens

I would like to give a recommendation to my personal trainer, Sonie Lasker. I came to Sonie before a breast reduction surgery and I was told by my doctor, Dr. Joshua Kreithen That I had to lose quite a bit of weight first.


I went on an eating program and saw Sonie 3 times a week. She wanted to work a specific type of muscle construction that she explained to me would make my recovery easier. She told me that in pre-op cases it is important to build the muscles that will be operated on in a way that will help them heal and if there will be liposuction, which I was having done – the tissues need to be as separate as possible to make it less painful.


Ok, I thought whatever – I’ll just do what she says. Well – I went for the surgery and was told I would be hunched over for a while. Four days later I went in to be checked and asked how long I have to stay in that position. The nurse asked why and I stood up and said because it is really uncomfortable to walk hunched. She asked if I was in pain and I really wasn’t. The doctor was amazed. All in all they said the pre-op made my recovery remarkably fast. 

–   Jo Naggar